[AKB48 no Inu Kyoudai] Takahashi Minami


高橋みなみ - AKB48の犬兄妹 ❶


高橋みなみ - AKB48の犬兄妹 ❷


高橋みなみ - twitter (2014/07/02)


Music Station has a viewer voting thing going on where the chosen song will be performed later tonight. Everyone can participate through this WEB app. CLICK=»>

Voting period: 6pm~9pm (JST)

Voting method is simple:

1. Press the ‘START’ button in the main page


multiple votes are possible through web browsers via private/incognito

If you’re using firefox, choose ‘New Private Window’. If you’re using Chrome, choose ‘New incognito window’.

keep voting guys!!!!!

For Chrome just (Ctrl+Shift+N) and copy/paste the link

and repeat :3


There’s 1hour 30min until the deadline as of now and this is for Minami fans who wish for Minami to sing centre on Music Station!

I’m going to go through how:

go to hyperlink

Firstly click on the big pink sign with white writing

Mステ生投票 which translates to Music Station live  voting

It will take you to another page and click on the ‘START’ button


click on the first one

and you have voted. 

EDIT: use all browers and borrow phones as it is counted HOWEVER using the same browser on same device- your vote will NOT be counted

Thank you for your cooperation!

Lets spread the Minami love <3




140626 Aachan(Perfume) - Tada Tada Radio ga Suki Jyaken

Listener: What do you think an ideal leader is like?

Aachan: I’m not a leader but in my mind, the ideal leader is… Takamina? She has even become a Soukantoku. Constantly looking over her juniors while not being too overbearing, she lends them helping hand but does not overdo it. And of course, carrying such a large organization like AKB on her back. It’s amazing! On the other hand, she’s very cute too. Her comments are awesome right? It’s liberating. She’s very cool. Pretty much a charisma.