お誕生日おめでとう ♥ みなみ!!

our dear general manager, I’ve been following you for almost 4 years already. watching you, adoring you and rooting for you. you went through so much happiness and pain last year, never giving up, yet remained to be a considerate senpai for the future of the group. from now on when choices come to you, no matter what your decision is, I believe people will understand. people like us, the fans, and your friends, comrades, will support you.

Happy Birthday!!  have a wonderful blast let’s grow old together


Happy bday to the lovely and respected soukantoku!


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Is it just me or does Miichan loom I keen xD


Takahashi Minami - 16:03

There was recording for “Renai Sousenkyo” today♪♪

Got celebrated here too!!ヾ(´・∀・)ノ


Happy Birthday rascal♪♪(。-艸-。)ww


The photo on the cake ww



T/L note: It’s a screen capture the moment Mariko-sama announced her graduation, lol. Could be due to…


Shinoda Mariko (maricollet3) IG 04.11.2014:


"Please wath the first Viking 🙏💕 #Minamilove #Viking"


On April 8th 2014, we celebrated Takahashi Minami’s 23rd birthday.

Eight years into being a part of AKB48, from being a member to being a captain, and finally, to being the 総監督. Still being in the group despite people around her graduating and moving on to creating their personal milestones, she’s still in AKB48, still the soul of AKB48. A young girl, unclear about her future and what is it in hold for her, she joined the group to sing and to perform. She forged a lot of friendship along the rough road with people who are supposed to be rivals, learned things the tough way by making mistakes, stumbled and fall but yet never gives up. From joining AKB48 for personal reasons, to managing the 48G for the sake of all the 300-odd girls under this name of 48 Group, we had all been used to the Captain Takamina and sees her as someone who’s always there despite anything that happens. 

She is a member, a comrade, a leader, a role model, a councillor, a benchmark, a performer, a comedian, and most of all, a friend to everyone in 48G. We have taken her for granted; all these burdens that she has to shoulder for 48G, weren’t hers to carry in the first place, but Takamina being Takamina, chose to continue shouldering all these. While we acknowledge that she’s a captain, she’s doing these for the group, she’s there, we forgot that she’s afterall, still a young woman. She should have the time to have fun, to laugh, to not cry over things that occurred in 48G that’s beyond her control, to not worry for every little thing in 48G and just focus on performing, and most of all, to have a worry-free time in AKB48. With that many pairs of eyes behind her back for everything she do — the many members, the battalion of fans, and the management alongside the staff — she has to excel expectations, and so far, I’d say she’s doing pretty damn well. But this position is lonely; the juniors see her as someone that they go to when they need help, the seniors see her as someone who’s just there, and people tend to forget that she has her problems too, and shouldn’t be gone to only when needed. Her closer comrades had left, or are leaving, and this made her even more lonely. 

But her being her, will still be here as long as the 48G needs her, to nurture and guide the younglings, until the group tells her that she can leave, because they can soar and fly higher than behind even without her. Her being her, will desire to excel and make her own personal milestones, but still keep her wings clipped until the group is ready to let her go. Furthermore, what is AKB48 without the soul? A face, can be taken over by yet another face, or many other faces. But the soul, can only be carried by the one person who went through everything with the group, sticks to it to help it grow, and be the one that’s a default that everyone knows, will always be there. 

The soul of AKB48, Takahashi Minami. 
Please look over her closely and kindly, please be there for her in terms of giving her the support, and please watch over her in all that she do. She had given her all for AKB48, and 48Group. It’s time we do more for her.

Happy Birthday, my oshimen. You had been magical in AKB48, and I believe you will continue to wow and be divine in all that you do. Every single time that I had the honour of meeting you, you had impressed me way more than everything. It’s beyond fanservice — to be like the kids who laugh and talked about mindless things — to express your gratitude for the support and every single time, it just moved me to tears. There are just so much that you said every time that makes everything worthwhile when supporting you. All the little words, the whisperings, the whinings, and utmost, the struggle to speak a language that you do not understand and to find the simplest Japanese to reply, all these just made it such an honour to even be just one of the many who support and loves you. Continue to be the best, and on those occasions that you might trip, don’t worry because all of us will be here as your cushion to break the fall. Happy Birthday, Takamina. 

renai sousenkyo ep02


Takahashi Minami G+ Update:

Good Morning♪
I’m still indulging in the happiness from yesterday wヾ(´・∀・)ノ

In the end yesterday, Acchan came to my house to visit Nyaachan and we talked about a lot of things
And then we slept together♪♪(。-艸-。)

Uploaded yesterday’s photos♪
Now it’s time for work!!


午前0時を過ぎたら イチバンに届けよう
Once it’s passed midnight, it’s the first thing I’m going to tell you
Happy birthday, Happy birthday
Happy birthday to you
今日はあなたを取り囲む すべての人達にも
Today, you’re surrounded by all of these people
Very special, Very special
It’s a very very special day


From Shinoda Mariko’s Instagram (maricollet3)

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Komatani Hitomi Twitter:

Had fun at Takamina soukantoku’s birthday party🎉 And soon it will be Haruna’s birthday🎉 


高橋みなみG+ 一般公開で共有しました 16:03 #高橋みなみ





高橋みなみG+ 一般公開で共有しました 16:03 #高橋みなみ